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How to Get Him to Marry You

1. Don’t Play Games

Guess what? A civilized man doesn’t feel the need to hunt you down and drag you back to his cave by your hair. Women have been told for years that all men love the thrill of the chase… but that’s simply not true. Only players need games. Real men need to trust in your feelings for them completely in order to make the leap from “I want you” to “I want you forever.” While your cat and mouse routine may pique his interest for a while, it may also plant seeds of doubt that will come back to haunt you later on. Don’t risk it.

2. Be Uniquely You

Typically a man is drawn to a woman based on physical attraction alone… but if that’s all she wrote, he’ll be on the next train out of boring town. Hot chicks are a dime a dozen; good looks are not enough to capture his heart forever. Need proof? Go talk to a runway model. They get dumped just as often as the rest of us. What will set you apart from all the other hotties is a unique personality. Embrace your dorky side, indulge your inner diva or be a total goofball. Whatever you do – don’t try to fit some idealistic mold. Be yourself!

3. Have a Life of Your Own

Spend time with friends and family members who bring out the best in you. Volunteer to help at-risk children or homeless animals. Learn to play an instrument. Sign up at a rock climbing gym. Go back to school. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you’re filling your calendar with people and activities that feed your soul and grow your confidence. Enjoy the life you have – even if you haven’t yet found your Mr. Right. He’s much more likely to fall in love with you once you’ve fallen in love with yourself.

4. Treat Him With Respect

Above all else, you should always treat your man as you would your best friend. Laugh together. Share secrets. Be kind. Talk about your past experiences. Let him have the last scoop of ice cream. Listen without interrupting when he talks. Go out and make memories. Travel. Be affectionate. Tell him how much he means to you. Call him back as soon as you see the message. Complement him in front of others. Be the first to apologize. Offer to split the bill. Compromise. Never take him for granted. Love without fear.

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How to Move on from a Bad Relationship

When you and your ex first got together life was all unicorns and rainbow sherbet. But then, out of nowhere, your Mr. Wonderful started acting like a complete asshole. The more you tried to fix things the more he acted up. You know it’s time to walk away but you can’t seem to cut the cord. Here are five ways to move on from a bad relationship.

1. Stop trying to reason with him.

When you’ve been scorned you often tend to morph into a courtroom prosecutor. You may put your bad boy on the stand and pummel him with a list of the ways he did you wrong. Here’s the thing: if your man isn’t mature enough to take constructive criticism (or if he’s just not that into you) he will shut down completely. You’re only wasting your breath. Channel that energy postitively… Go apply to law school.

2. Stop trying to prove to him how much you love him.

Sure, you do lots of sweet things from surprising him with notes on his car to baking him chocolate chip cookies for no reason at all. When he suddenly starts pulling away or being rude it can feel like a total slap in the face. Still, don’t bother pointing out how much you do for him; he just doesn’t care all that much. While you’re at it, never say, “Nobody will ever love you as much as I do.” It makes you sound insane.

3. Cut off all forms of communication.

You’re compelled to stalk his Facebook status updates to ensure he’s sufficiently miserable without you and that he’s not yet dating anyone new. Unfortunately this behavior almost always leads to disappointment. Additionally, drunk texts and emails not only lead to unfortunate late night hookups, they make you look like a desperate idiot. It’s imperative that you cut all social media ties immediately.

4. Don’t fall for his last minute “I love you”s.

Men tend to move on from relationships much quicker than women do. Even if he’s still telling you he loves you he may be saying the same thing to the next girl. Even if he’s still trying to sleep with you, he could be banging every beauty in town. Remember: regardless of the warm fuzzies he’s radiating, it’s too little too late. If your relationship is already broken, don’t bother trying to fix it. You’re just prolonging the inevitable.

5. Go get a life.

Seriously, you’re too smart and too creative to sit home and dwell on some jerky guy. Find a new hobby or rediscover an old one and throw yourself into it. You never know what wonderful doors it may open. Reconnect with the family and friends you’ve been neglecting lately. You must force yourself to fake it ’til you make it. The sooner you reclaim your former happy self, the sooner you’ll attract new love. Go get it girl!




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